damien@dam.io - Curriculum Vitae.pdf

# Big and small projects

- python-3v4l: Web interface to compare the output of a python script in many versions of python
  Code is run inside docker containers, built with Django

- Dishwasher Simulator: A little game where you have to do the dishwasher

- wikidiff2-git-viewer

- pjl-retraites: Improve readability of the new law in the making about retirement

- Twitter Followers network: Make a network of twitter followers for a specific account
  Examples: @dam_io, @medialab_ScPo, @anvaka

- Game recommendation on GOG.com

- *** git-word-blame: Show word-by-word authors of a file

- wiki2git: Convert a MediaWiki article into a git repository

- 133: My own version of the game Dobble with 12 symbols per card, printable at home

- *** lafabriquedelaloi.fr: Contributed to this website to make the law-making process easier to follow

- Find all the broken links on a website

- *** linkage.fr: Research demonstration website of a novel method of graph clustering

- django-admin-gitlog: Display a `git log` in your admin

- Chrome Extensions Archive

- *** lys: HTML templating for Python

- bike.html: Yet another little game, warning: last level is super-hard

- MT10: A demonstration of concepts teached in the crypto course of my university

- IC01: Automatic summarization of student notes of a philosophy course

- Carrot: A little game for my ex-girlfriend

- Pony: Make music in the browser

- Keep moving: A little game

- *** Real: A game where you play on drawings and you can make you own level on your own drawing

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